What’s it all About?

Thanks for clicking on my Blog and welcome!  I think it’s safe to say that all my personalities are represented here.  Some might say that I couldn’t have written all the posts as they appear to have come from several different people!  But what the heck – variety is the spice of life, n’est pas? So there are occasional glum scribbles, occasional morose and indignant scribbles, occasional funny scribbles, sad scribbles, relationship and family scribbles and so on – its a mixed bag. In the interests of keeping the blog interesting, I reserve the right to embellish, exagerate and sometimes tell downright lies.

Polite notice – All Rights Reserved applies to all content of this weblog, posts and pages.  Please ask if you want to copy or borrow stuff, thanks.



  1. Well your blog certainly drew my attention, right away. i shall be a rugular vistor fron now on

  2. Hey thank you! How nice to have your here. It’s always so nice when people let you know they have ‘dropped by’. You’ve cheered me up after a rotten day, where my baby chicks have died, (see post).
    Many thanks!

  3. I like your blog. Blogging is a very interesting job itself, isn’t it? Well books and movies , traveling , writing are also my hobbies. Nice to meet you . visit me at http://lightofgod.wordpress.com , your comments are welcome. your friend !

  4. Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoy it here!

  5. Hi scribbles !

    I have sent response to your comment at your e-mail , please check it . And I am very Sorry for my late response. I think you will forgive it.

    — Your friend !

  6. Divine love, don’t worry. I was just curious about someone so religious, not being religious myself. Didn’t receive comment in my email, but not to worry. Scribble

  7. Hi Scribble !

    I have copy – paste my reply from e-mail to here . Response is given below :

    Sorry first of all that I could not reply you , Extremely sorry again !

    Actually I was thinking about your comment and about reply , because if I reply you in hurry , than it may be possible that it could not reflect my thoughts deeply. I was just login in to my wordpress account to reply you.

    You have given me the nice Idea that I should write articles about those too who dose not have faith in God , or have faith in other form . Well I will do it soon.

    You said that I am preaching, but i usually write in this way . Now you said that you have no relationship of love with God. Well I am a Hindu person and in Hindu religion we have 6 philosophies about God. Many of us believe God as Their Love , many believe that He is calm and beyond the wisdom of Human being. Many love him as in his incarnations and many believe that he has no shape . In our ” Sankhya ” philosophy it is said that God can not be proven , because He is beyond human wisdom, although He is the God.

    So there are six philosophies about God in Hindu Religion. Because in this earth every one is not same in the nature , in thinking so it would be injustice to pressurize everyone to believe only one thing, only one Idea. Our religion provides different different path and every one has a place in Hindu religion.

    About your experience of Church, so as far as I think, they should allow you and your lovely son . Although I Love Jesus , but church people behavior with you was not correct. In our religion , we all are children of God by birth, in our society there is no such restriction. Everyone of us is free to love God , believe God according to his / her nature and faith. And all this is good , because everyone has right to love God according to his own believe.


    Waiting your reply

    Your Friend
    Divine Love

  8. Divine Love, Thank you for your kind and thoughtful reply. I think the Hindu religion sounds lovely and more encompassing.
    You should write more about it and direct some of your writings to those of us who know little about it.
    Thank you again for your kind message.

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