Posted by: scribbles | March 1, 2009

Out in the Widerness

It’s almost four months ago that I ‘downed pen’ and closed my blog.  I didn’t make a conscious decision to do so.  After my last entry which I now see was about the American election, I just never came back.  A web of misery wound itself around me as the winter approached and I couldn’t find the spark that had illuminated my writing.  Life has been very hard on me over the last few months for all sorts of reasons leaving me devoid of the will to write anything at all.  Days, then weeks and then months went by and the longer I was a away from the blog, the more courage I needed to return to it.  Several times I have thought about opening it up but I couldn’t quite make myself.

Today, while sorting out bits and bobs on my laptop, I found myself clicking on WordPress and here I am!  I was heartened by the comments left for me, especially yours Rudi, thank you and to Dave and Lynette and AA.  Seeing that people care about me is heartening and so I’m writing today to say I am alive!  I shall collect my thoughts and will be back with a proper post and some updates very soon!!  Best wishes to you:)



  1. Yay………… glad to see you.

  2. First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

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  3. Phew..thank God. I was concerned that you’d been done in by the man you went to do chores for.. Didn’t know where to start looking for the perpetrator of the crime. Mystery solved at last. I’m relieved. Welcome back from the winter blues…I had those too BTW. Good to see you came out the other side. ;?))

    • Hi Rudi,
      Are you still around? I’ve been wondering what to do with my blog since I stopped writing. Could just delete it and start again or leave it and continue. Oh well, its not that important really! Do you still write, how are you? Hope you’re ok anyway!
      Best wishes,

  4. Not many people know what is being shared here. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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