Posted by: scribbles | September 9, 2008

Autumn Babies

“Now look here, Missy, you have to stop having babies and flouncing off and leaving them”, I say, wagging my finger sternly.  She tilts her head to one side, looking at me with her black eyes.  I know she’s listening.  “Thing is, I’ve got twins up in the airing cupboard recovering after you let them get cold.  What were you thinking?  Don’t you know by now, that new babies have to be kept warm and fed?  I’ve been up all night with them, feeding, changing bedding, rocking to sleep and they aren’t even mine!”

Silence.  She shifts her weight around a bit as she makes herself more comfortable.  I detect a slight sheepishnes to her demeaner.

“You can’t expect to hand them over to Dad either, since there is a question over paternity and some of the possible fathers have made a hasty exit.  You’re very lucky that Aunty has, yet again, stepped up to the mark and is babysitting for you, though I can tell you she wasn’t very pleased to play nurse maid again.  You must stop making yourself available or suffer the consequences.”

She starts fussing over her hair again, worried, as usual that she looks pretty.  I turn on my heel, exasperated at this floozy.

“You’re a very bad Henny indeed!”


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