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Following on from Strangerswhenwemeet – Here’s my life in 31 questions:

 1. Where is your cell phone? Hidden in cavenous bag where I probably won’t hear it – luckily.

2. Your significant other? Where is he?  In his sick bed at usual. Boooooring!

3. Your hair? Darkish blonde, in a rather nifty bob style at the moment!

4. Your mother?  Looking after my younger Teen, lucky her, lol.

5. Your father?  Putting The Teen to work, to earn some holiday money – great, I won’t have to pay him.

6. Your favorite things? Reading, Writing, Scotch, Tiffany’s, Thunder storms, my new silver bangle.

7. Your dream last night? I was out cold after consoling myself with a good drink, over my birthday blues, (see my post if you fancy).

8. Your favorite drink? Hot Malt chocolate.

9. Your dream/goal?  For The Other to either get well or drop down dead, to make some money out of writing. 

10. The room you’re in? The Study.

11. Your hobby? Writing, my animals (boring), reading, films, music, photography. 

12. Your fear? Spiders, (see my latest post)!

13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Comfortable with money.

14. What you’re not? Good at keeping jobs and earning a living.

15. Muffins? Choccy chip, only American ones as they make them so well, yum!

16. One of your wish list items? A really nice lap top to replace my cheap one.And a gardnener. And a cleaner while i’m at it. 

17. Where you grew up? In a lovely house in the countryside.

18. The last thing you did? Smoked a fag of course!  And I shall have another one in a minute and a scotch is tempting but it’s a bit early. 

19. What are you wearing? Really comfy jeans, as usual, horrid shirt and archaic cardy.

20. Favorite gadget? Laptop – coz I’m glad I’ve got one, lets me see the world. And digital camera and ipod of course. 

21. Your pets? Officially owned – Chickens, dog and cat.  Unofficial – mice, hedgehogs, lots of birds.

22. Your computer? Fujitsu.

23. Your mood? Reasonable, having got over my birthday.

24. Missing someone? Elder Teen in New Zealand, haven’t seen since February.

25. Your car? Boring but comfortable hand-me-down from parents – Honda.

26. Something you’re not wearing? Makeup – yet.

27. Favorite store? As I said Tiffany’s, New York, can’t afford to go there of course.

28. Like someone? Younger Teens sports coach – wow!  Oh yea!

29. Your favorite color?  Blue

30. When is the last time you laughed? On Mum’s birthday (18th) when Dad was being awkward with the waiters in the restaurant.

31. Last time you cried? On my birthday (20th) when The Other didn’t give me my presents or say Happy Birthday.

AS the rule is to Tag someone else, how about Lynette at the Lusks?!




  1. Some of your answers made me laugh out loud (ref to Other). I’m totally with you on the thunderstorms and Tiffany’s. I’ve been to New York but only gazed and the beautiful sparkly things from the other side of the glass. I must own a Tiffany’s bracklet in this lifetime!
    What kind of films do you like? I’m a bit of a film geek.

  2. At the beautiful sparkly things…sorry.

  3. Hi Stranger,
    I like lots of films, I used to really like old black and whites like, Casablanca, Maltese Falcon – films with Bogart and Becall, Bette Davis. Favourite film probably Breakfast at Tiffanys! Films I don’t like are gross out comedys, Sci-fi. Love costume dramas – Tess of the D’urbevilles, Pride and Prejudice, Dickens, Bronte, Austen. Bridget Jones – (the first one only), love Colin Firth, loved him in Tumbledown about the Falklands war. Four Weddings and a Funeral, Oceans Eleven. Haven’t seen many modern films lately but on TV, I loved the Brideshead Revisited series, on ages ago (won’t like the new film)!
    Too many to list really! I don’t like much on TV and hardly watch it, other than History and geographic, wildlife series on Sky. HATE any soaps. HATE reality TV like Big Brother, do like X Factor!!

  4. You and my daughter would get on fine, she likes Audrey Hepburn and has the famous Tiffany gazing photo in her hall in NZ.

  5. I love X Factor! And am so pleased I have an excuse to stay in with Swarthy on a Saturday night again. He likes it too but watches the audition stage from behind a cushion because it’s too cringy.
    I’m fan of some of the old films. I love Casablana too, and All About Eve. Gone with the Wind and Some Like It Hot are two of my favourite films. I love The Shining and can probably quote you the whole script.
    But I like a lot of modern ones too. Sideways is amazing, The Orphanage and Pan’s Labrynth (I can never spell that word) are too fairly recent ones I like. Have you seen Into the Wild? It’s an awesome film – I think you might like it. Beautifully shot in Alaska and it’s all about the great outdoors. Sean Penn directed it.

  6. Two fairly recent ones…sorry, I’m reading and writing on my lunchbreak and the cheese crackers seem to be affecting my speillling and gramor.

  7. Lynette,
    I’ve just picked up an original press photo of Audrey Hepburn with the long cigarette holder from Breakfast at Tiffanys! Got it in a charity shop!! I love the Moon River seen where she sings. What a fantastic character she was.

  8. Hey Stranger,
    Like the sound of Into the Wild. Definitely look out for that one. Also there’s one on Saturday at 9pm called White Squall (love sea adventures too) with Jeff Bridges and directed by Ridley Scott, so that’s what I’ll be watching this weekend!

  9. Oh, I’d love a gardener too! When I bought my house, the previous owner ran a landscaping company, so the garden was lovely. In the four years I’ve lived there, it’s gone a bit by the wayside. Try as I might to pull weeds and prune, I just don’t have a green thumb. When the flowers are in bloom, it still looks lovely, but otherwise it looks a weedy, nasty mess…

  10. Thanks for the comment. I don’t have a green thumb either! I do bits here and there to try and keep it looking reasonable but it is way beyond me at the moment, really out of hand. What little I do makes little difference!!

  11. I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own blog and was curious what all is required to get setup? I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny? I’m not very internet savvy so I’m not 100% positive. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers

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